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пятница, 4 декабря 2009 г.

"I'm waiting" by Krakatuka Designs

Krakatuka Design

"I am waiting..."

The most unusual and magic event in a life this expectation and a birth of the kid. We with impatience wait for this moment and we cherish every instant.
Kit contains beautiful, tender elements dear to your heart. Ribbons and bows, strings, flowers, foliage, a baby's undershirt and a cap, bootees and handmade heart, angelic wings and feathers, lovely children's toys and the first spoon. All that you could embody the most touching moments of your pregnancy and the first days of a life of your kid.
This kit includes 85 beautiful realistic elements, 15 beautifully textured papers in tender soft colors. Set of alpha and numbers are decorated by a little pearl.

My DS Mark.
He is 4-th day.
Наш сыночек, 4 денечка.

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