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пятница, 16 октября 2009 г.

"Take me to the Old World" SussieM Designs!!! And more pages!

SussieM "Take me to the Old World"!

Stunning kit girls!!!

Buy it surely!!!

Take me to the Old World! Autumn World full of darkness and light, greyish and alive colours, full of rain and falling leaves.

Don't You love those beautiful part of the year?

This is SussieM part of a collaboration with Lotta Designs and Lily Designs all parts will be sold separately.

Обалденный набор, который стоит приобрести!!!

My LO!

Here are several pages created from my latest kit "Dragon-Fly"

Несколько страничек, сделанные из моего набора "Стрекоза"


Anna Rudzvill.


Thank you girls for your pages!!!
Спасибо, девочки, за странички!!!

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