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понедельник, 10 августа 2009 г.

Lily Designs "Paint the Ocean"

"The ocean takes me to a place of peace

I feel the ocean’s soul and I'm content, I have no worries, I'm at ease

What I would do to live in the ocean and bath in the sand

Swim at every sunrise and mesmerize every sunset

I want to run on the beach and dive in the waves….have no regrets

Swim like a dolphin and grow with the coral reef

I want to be a part of the ocean like the ocean is a part of me

I feel the oceans soul and it pulls me in

Into a place of happiness and peace,

I am the ocean"

Dee Kindrick.

This Kit "Paint the Ocean" you can buy A5D

My LOs

At this page I also used her Kits:
paper from "Baby Elf";
stick from "The Boy is a Boy".

At this page I also used her Kit "The Boy is a Boy".

Freebie "Ocean".
And this page I made from Lily's freebie "Ocean" here
Good luck!

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